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Method Book Survey

Calling all instructors of beginning-intermediate level oboists!

Do you love teaching oboe lessons, but wish you could find a method book that had everything you are looking for? Do you find yourself looking for just the right materials to fill in the holes where your standard method books fall short? Do you struggle to find just the right materials to use when you welcome new students into your studio? Or, are you perfectly happy with the teaching materials you’ve curated over the years, and confident in finding the right set of materials for any new student who comes your way?

What if you had the chance to make your voice heard in the creation of a brand new method book series for beginning to intermediate level oboists? What would you want to be sure didn’t get overlooked?


Tell us all about it HERE:

We recognize that providing a thorough response to this survey will take time, and we want to thank you for your efforts. Respondents (who provide a valid email address) will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Visa gift card for each method book that they review in entirety. (i.e. if you review 1 method book, your name will be entered into the drawing once; if you review 2 method books, your name will be entered twice, etc.; up to 5 times.)

Wondering who “we” are?

Hello! I am Julie Stafford. I am an active oboist and educator in Tucson, Phoenix, and surrounding areas. As an educator of 15 years for both private and classroom teaching, I am dedicated to creating a learning experience that is rewarding to the student’s individual needs. Passionate about pedagogy, I am always seeking new knowledge in the best approaches to learning. I am thrilled to be joining my good friend Charlotte in this project of creating a new method books series that reaches individual students' needs and helps the teacher be a better teacher. You can learn more about me here:

We hope to hear from you soon!

Hi! I’m Charlotte Ethington. I’m an active oboist and teacher in the Phoenix area, and I’m passionate about creating the most fulfilling learning experiences possible for my oboe students. I met my good friend Julie while we were both in our grad studies in oboe performance at Arizona State. You can learn more about me here:

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